100 days of journaling !

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Year end week, special edition-1, blog 3-

It’s a thick winter morning and picture yourself leaving from home to reach your college. You’re as usual running late and therefore after handling the money to the rickshaw guy you try to pace up your walking speed, so that the teacher at least lets you enter the classroom. But hang-on your rickshaw driver gives you a pat on your back and gives a signal to stop. You stop to know what’s the matter and he informs you, you have paid half the money of your fare. And then with the help of your hand, you scan your jeans but it’s empty, now you try searching in your bag and realise you don’t have any more cash to pay him!

Exactly an incident like this took place with me on 4th February, 2019. Around 7:30 a.m. in the morning after my co-passenger getting out of the rickshaw I handed two coin to the driver assuming each to be ₹5 and started walking in a hurry, but the driver stopped me showing that the coins I gave him were ₹5 and ₹2 respectively. I did get panic for a moment cause I knew I don’t have any more cash. In meanwhile the co-passenger who is a complete stranger to me requested the driver to deduct my fare amount in his given ₹20 note. The driver was even more kind and declined his requested and he stated to me that, “It’s okay if you don’t have money but you should have runaway at least !! ”
I didn’t react to it at all, probably because I needed time to process all those different things that were happening with me :
Getting late to the lecture, Going short of cash, A stranger helping, A rickshaw driver doubting me and what not!
After this fuss, I resumed my walk towards the college but very steadily and slowly. Admiring and speculating about the good people that I’d met and wondering how different people help each other and are so generous and supportive made me feel grateful for all such people existing on this planet.
On that same day, I wrote about all this in my notebook. I started writing like this occasionally, and then a time came when I wanted to go all into it, but I want to highlight that before entering in 2019 one of my resolutions was to do journaling on daily basis. But as you know I flunked in even starting my resolutions of 2019, still, the lesson that I learned that even I’d mentioned in the blog 1 of this edition, this was the right time to see if that lesson learned from it is actually feasible or not and then within a month I decided to go full-fledged into daily journaling.
By these time I’d watched dozens of YouTube videos regarding journaling. [Journaling, “basically means to maintain a diary in which you on daily bases, write how your day was, what you’re grateful today or any other style or form you like.”]. After deciding to maintain a journaling habit, the first choice that I’d to make was whether to write in the early mornings or in late nights before going to the bed !

Perhaps to solve the confusion I finally decided and made my mind to do journaling twice a day(maybe not deliberately ), one in the morning and one in the evening. From 11th March, 2019 to 7th June, 2019 I stood strongly on my promise that I’d made to myself, YES I managed to write each and every day for close to 80 days. Before this, I’d journaled 10 or 15 days in my notebook but this time it was in diaries. All this while to come this many days involved doing journaling in my diary late at night when everyone was asleep, it involved days when I’d to carry my both diaries because of travelling into different places, while visiting and staying at my cousins’ places and a lot more. Of course not always I was able to write on the same day, maybe most of the time I used to fill three pages one of which would be the last day page and etcetera. In this process I changed my writing style a lot, the context again was evolved over time and more.
Overall, it really was one of the things that I wanted to experience and I did and it feels amazing. I highly recommend you to try doing journaling for at least for a week or so, when you force yourself to write a full-page, you surely get to explore something new and experience something unique about you and other kinds of stuff which indeed is phenomenal.

And this was the 3rd day blog of this Year End Week 2019 edition -1.

Hope you enjoy reading this as well. Thank you !

This blog was written on 26th December 2019.

Quote of the blog-

“In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself.”

-Susan Sontag

“People who keep journals have life twice.”

-Jessamyn West



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