Last Year Resolutions Plan



Last year in the last week of the month of December, the Giant inside me was awaken ! Had just came from the college IV maybe on 22nd December, and with full enthusiasm was preparing for my New year resolutions. Had put my diaries, note-books, stationary items, etc. to a new place and had planned to write more poems and stuffs in 2019. The spirit was even higher because this year only( May/June 2018) I’d written my first ever poem “A EVENING”. With the thought of writing more such poems in 2019, I was preparing and placing a lots of new books and diaries so that I could at least write on daily or weekly or on monthly basis. You know the first time when you have written a poem or something and then you’re inspired to write more of such things, you can feel the artist in yourself and writing those pieces (poems, etc.) seems that it is coming all within from yourself with a very little or no effort and that you were a born writer, just like when we learned cricket a little better and thought of ourselves like the next Sachin Tendulkar. However, while I was organizing, formulating and scheduling for 2019 and planning what and how my days will look like, maybe I’d forgotten my the present time or just taken it for granted. As in, I use to chill more often and for longer time and made myself more lethargy and procrastination person, thinking and giving excuses to myself that nonetheless from 1st January I’m already gonna do a lot and therefore chilling for a week or so will not be a big deal.

And Obviously my New Year Resolution just turned out the way like many of us resolution results, I failed miserably to meet my resolution in the new year 2019 !
But I think very early only I figured it out the solution for this problem, which is to start following the routine right before the last one or two week of the December month and that I should have started following the schedule/time-table and bring the habits into practice so that by 1st January I would at least be near to perfection and also taking action early I could figure out how well I’m doing it and whether I should keep performing in it future or not.
I remember the last to last new year eve (31st December, 2017), in the late evening like around 8 pm. or 9 pm., myself walking towards my barber and how I’d got my head shaved and later how I tried to look calm and cool in the terrace new year party. There were literally a lots of reasons for me doing that and also afterwards I faced a lots of consequence for my decision. But later I’d decided to do that on every new year eve for again various weird reasons but perhaps it did not executed perfectly, and I can recollect how I was dicey on the last new year eve (31st December, 2018) on whether I should go to the barber or not ! However I did go but on the 1st January, 2019 and just got a decent haircut , not the bald one!
Maybe even this new year eve or 1st January 2020 I might get a haircut.

Remember the poem of mine (‘THE EVENING’) that I’d talked about in the initial paragraph of this blog! I’d recorded and edited it on my Samsung phone and soon uploaded it on my birthday (18th February) on my YouTube channel

check it out later if you haven’t and yes you know the drill right(like, share and subscribe). I’d planned that I’ll upload more poems like this on every 18th day of each coming month, but fortunately or unfortunately things doesn’t came out the way I’d thought and very recently I completed writing my first ever storytelling piece (“CHAURAAHA”) of which the crux maybe I’d got on my birthday or before that and had also thought of uploading it on the 18th of the next month, i.e. 18th March, 2019. However very soon(within a month) I’ll be uploading it on my YouTube channel.
So stay tune and once published I’ll update the link here as well and till then if you want you can go and Subscribe to the channel,

So yeah, that was it for the very first blog of this YEAR END WEEK special edition-1. blog !

I really appreciate if you read my blogs, THANK YOU♥ !
This was the place where I’d kept all my note-books and stationery stuffs, some of them are still there but I cannot show how it looks from inside because it’s a big mess with my laptop accessories and other materials.

This was written on 24th December 2019.

Quote of the blog-

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

-Mark Twain.



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