Recording the memories!

Year End Week, special edition-1, chapter-7

So far in this edition, I’ve tried to maintain a chronological order, as in — I started with confessing my New Year Resolution of 2019 which I’d made in December 2018, later I told you how I started doing journaling and daily reading for nearly 100 days starting from the month of March or somewhere, and later how storytelling happened and following to it my spiritual beginnings! And therefore as this is going to be the last blog of this edition, today I would like to share something that I’ve recently started to bring in practice!

I always love the idea of capturing things and then, later on, cherishing those memories and henceforth ideas like clicking one selfie every month and later make a collage of all and other similar ideas always keeps on coming to my mind.

But around 5 months back I actually did start something like these, filming my own-self twice a month to be more precise! How it works is, on every 15th and 30th/31st day of every month I open my front camera of my cellphone and start recording myself for good 8–10 minutes wherein I discuss how I’d spent my last 15 days and all other news related to it !

So I would also encourage you to do something like this and see how it works for you! I think it’s a great way to bring accountability in life and more importantly doing things like these forces you to try new and different things, since you’ve 8 minutes to fill in and therefore you have to be had done something in the past 15 days to say about the days.

thank you for reading with these been said, I would end the last blog of this 1st ever edition of YEAR END WEEK!

This blog was written on 1st January 2020.

Quote of the blog-

When we’re filming, I sometimes look into the camera and wonder who’s out there, who will be watching.

-Lidia Bastianich



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