The Basketball game !

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[YEAR END WEEK of 2019 special edition-1] , blog 2 ;

The idea to make this Year End Week edition was quick and then deciding the topics for it was again a continuous but small process. While reflecting back on 2019, the topic that came and then got stuck in my mind was about BASKETBALL. Maybe the reason simply was that I played it after 3 years or probably because I was in my college team. But it took me a while to realise that there’s even a stupendous reason of why I should dedicate an entire blog on this BASKETBALL thing.

So this happened, after passing my 12th grade I applied in many colleges for BMM and Somaiya was one of them. And due to the admission process a little before the merit list I had came out, I’d to visit the Somaiya college and I can recall how I was standing near the open window office which is at the backside of the K.J. Somaiya College and adjacent to the Basketball court.

And glimpsing the court I thought back to how I’d played the Basketball before and it would be so amazing if I get into Somaiya since I’ll also get to play Basketball.
While standing there, in my mind I made all my plans of, how I would play Basketball and steadily improve my game because before I’d played the game for a brief amount of time and hence just imagining my routine of playing Basketball gave me an immense sense of pleasure in my mind.
However, after leaving the college possibly, I even left my imagination and desire their itself.
Now I didn’t get into Somaiya college first but tardily I did, in my Second year of BMM. And conceivably I did receive a chance to play Basketball in that same court which I’d aspire earlier. Even got an opportunity to be in the college team.

Have you ever yearned for something like this and then in future saw it coming, if Yes then maybe you may relate to me or at least have heard about the concept that I’m about to speaking on. Without beating around the bush anymore, the specific purpose or concept I’m trying to put forward is the Law Of Attraction. (Have you read the book ‘The Secret’ which is by Rhonda Byrne!)

And this Basketball incident to some extent made me believe more in this Law Of Attraction theory . Someone can question saying that my want came into reality after a good one year, which is true and an appropriate point and even I’d came to this doubt myself.
Nonetheless, within a minute or two, I got the answer. Recently, I’d listened to one of Sandeep Maheshwari’s video -

which ideally dealt with particularly this issue and pointed out that desire alone cannot help us to put that vision into reality. It majorly depends upon the person, if whether he/she is a fast mover and action-oriented or not. And I think in this case I was a action-oriented guy, at least to some extent.

I’m still a seeker and exploring the Law Of Attraction but as of now I really believe in this thesis.

I distinctly remember myself standing near this building and later the one opposite to it.

Fun fact — I’m still not that good in Basketball.
That’s all for the 2nd day blog of the Year End Week 2019 edition-1.
I hope you liked reading it.
Thank you!

The link of 1st blog in this YEAR END WEEK of 2019 edition -1.

This blog was written on 25th December 2019.

Quote of the blog -

See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time, with every person.

-Bob Proctor



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