The big life GAME :

A very interesting thing I experienced today.
If you remember today was my second day of exam and it also became the day of downloading my most played mobile game “Traffic Racer”. The last time I’d played it when I was in my 11th standard, and it’s memory is still vivid in my mind.

Now, I was again in the virtual world of games where there’s coins, graphics, competition and my favourite the Store where I can buy the best new stuffs (in this game, cars). Before an hour when I was exiting from the game app I happened to go through the Store and see all the cars that I’d bought (obviously from virtual coins), the car collection that I’d previously included 100’s of different customisation on them and what not ! I was surfing the list and right at the end there was a car looking exactly like ‘ Bugatti’ and that took my heart💓. At that very moment I’d forgot that tomorrow is my exam and was planning ways to meet that number of coins, calculating the number of times I would have to play the game, making strategies and more.
But suddenly after that moment something hit my brain. The teaching of life that we hear all the time, that we shouldn’t run after money and all these things are materialistic. And then I could relate with it, the only difference was that in my case today that money💰 was coins and that materialism was that “car”.

It’s so intriguing, that we all know money has power and its essential for our survival. A thought then contradicted this ! The thought of the intention I’d when I was searching in the google playstore for the car game. To be frank and honest I wanted to play a game where I could freely drive/ride a car or a bike, and truly enjoy the surroundings and not really speed up my speed mere for some more stupid coins or anything. Ride like the trip which everyone imagine to take in the mountains of the Ladakh or any.
But now in order to collect thousands of coins I was forced to drive at a highest speed to collect the maximum number of coins in one attempt. Relatively, in real world life the race where we all do hard-work, experience the traffic, the pressure of our job/work and everything just with the ambition to buy that one thing(car) which we had dreamed of. And in such hurry we forget to enjoy our travel, journey, leisure and free walk towards nature, spending time with our family and friends. And that mindset don’t allow ourselves to enjoy and live life to the fullest, until we find that thing. Only after we get that thing(car, in this case) for which we worked so hard we realised that the importance it has or the change it makes/brings in our life are very restricted, minimal, diminishes with time and which after a particular time doesn’t even matter. Coming back to the topic when I was looking to find such a game sadly I couldn’t find any, for a second I even thought of making a game like that but immediately forgot the idea by seeing books lying on my desk and remembering tomorrow’s exam. Keeping the time constraint of 20 minutes in mind I downloaded something with which I was familiar and that’s why this traffic racer game. But don’t remember when it took control over my head and I played it maybe 10–15 times to collect the virtual coins, so that one day I could buy that car.

We can easily make a good analogy with games to understand the traps in life!


Thank you for reading !

This blog was written on 22nd August 2019.

Quote of the blog -

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

- J.K. Rowling



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