The Storytelling story !

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Year end week, special edition-1, chapter-5 -

It’s always great to receive something which you don’t expect at all and something which is no way in your thought process and you’re not taking deliberate actions to achieve it.

In 2019, Storytelling was one of those thing for me!
From starting watching some amazingly talented Storyteller and Artists like Yahya Bootwala

and Amandeep Singh.

I was new to the concept of “Open mic” and wondering and exploring all these areas was new and maybe a overwhelming experience.
Right now, I’ve done around 7 ‘open mic’ and I must highlight that after the last couple of ‘open mic’ I feel like failing in it (storytelling) :
(i.) I’d participated in a event called Mr. and Miss. Finsec (a college fest) and in the 2nd round which was a talent showcase round and I performed as a Storyteller and I did not made it in the final round, and not getting selected was devastating for me.
(ii.) After this just a couple of days later I’d a open mic in college where again I performed and had thought of getting the 1st prize from the very beginning, but I didn’t even got the 2nd prize, which again made me to rethink about various choices that I make.

Recently I attended a curated show where very popular and talented artists like Jidnya

and Gaurav tripathi ji,

etcetera showcased their craft of Storytelling and poetry.
And in the entire event I was more focused on asking questions to myself whether I’m really at the right place(do I really want to do storytelling)and do I really want to be here and many such things !
However I want to give myself a little more time and see if I can do something in these field!

Thank you for READING !

This blog was written on 28th December 2019.

Quote of the blog-

Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.
Alan Moore



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Hi ! hope you’re smiling enough. As of now I’m a BMM student and loves to do Storytelling. You can easily see my storytelling video on YouTube — book of PRITESH